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I've been hooked on technology since first being introduced to computers when floppies were floppy. An AOL chat room ban later, I was forced to use computers for something else.

Here's the byproduct:

<programming portfolio>



SlugLife is an Android/iOS application that tracks the locations of UCSC's shuttles. Its features include algorithm-based ETAs, push notifications, an upcoming events page, and other information valuable to a UCSC student. Click the icon for the project page.

Solution required: Java, XML, Google Maps SDK, MySQL, AWS.



For CMPS 119: Software for Society, we introduced several interfaces for crowdsourcing computer vision. Of the several versions introduced, one was deemed more usable by users than the current iteration used at Stanford in the Visual Genome Project.

Solution required: Javascript, jQuery, VG Library, Raphael Canvas, HTML5, CSS3.



You can click the icon above to look at other miscellany that I've posted to GitHub (including this website)!

What you'll find: programming assignments demonstrating a knowledge of C, C++, Java, and healthy coding practices.

What you won't see: the hours I spent on Stack Overflow and Valgrind.

<get personal>

After falling in love with calculus, and hacking consoles, computers, and cellphones, I realized I could get a degree marrying these loves of mine. Several thousand lines of code later, I've unlocked/rooted (and occasionally bricked) a number of phones, hacked together a few web applications, created some decent Android apps, and scraped together some other interesting things, like creating a multi-threaded AI for a game of Hex.

There's certainly more to come, as I'm learning more everyday with pursuing a B.Sc. in Computer Science at University of California, Santa Cruz and am pushing towards my goal of utilizing artificial intelligence in interactive education.


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